Industrial clusters
  • Dmantis 3in1 Shuttlecocks      


    Speed: 74 /75/76/77/78         

    Material:Two Pieces Wood Head+  Modified Nylon

  • Dmantis Rackets      

    Item No: DMS35      

    Material :Carbon +Nylon string      

    Pack : 1pc/ cover , 30pcs /carton

  • Nylon Shuttlecock 

    Item No : A360

    Material : Imported head +Nylon

  • Tennis ball      

    Item No: ANYBALL 303      

    Material :Coarse cotton cloth      

    Pack: 3pcs/ bag, 80 bags/ carton

Product display
Dmantis Racket Nylon
  • D75
    Speed: 74 /75/76/77/78    Stability: AB     Pack:12 Pcs/Dozen  50 Dozens/ Carton
  • D60
    Speed: 74 /75/76/77/78/79Stability: ABPack:12 Pcs/Dozen  50 Dozens/ Carton
  • D55
    Speed: 74 /75/76/77/78/79Stability: ABPack:12 Pcs/Dozen  50 Dozens/ Carton
  • D50
    Speed: 74 /75/76/77/78Stability: ABPack:12 Pcs/Dozen  50 Dozens/ Carton
  • D51
    Speed: 74 /75/76/77/78Stability: ABPack:12 Pcs/Dozen  50 Dozens/ Carton
  • D45
    Speed: 74 /75/76/77/78Stability: ABPack:12 Pcs/Dozen  50 Dozens/ Carton
  • DMS65
    Material :Carbon +Nylon string   Pack : 1pc/ cover , 30pcs /carton   Carton size :70*31*39
  • DMS55
    Material :Carbon +Nylon string   Pack : 1pc/ cover , 30pcs /carton   Carton size :70*31*39
  • DMS45
    Material :Carbon +Nylon string   Pack : 1pc/ cover , 30pcs /carton   Carton size :70*31*39
  • DMS35
    Material :Carbon +Nylon string   Pack : 1pc/ cover , 30pcs /carton   Carton size :70*31*39
  •  PRO PETREL747
    Material : Alloy+ Nylon string   Pack : 1pc/ cover, 50pcs /carton   Carton size: 67*30*25
  • PRO PETREL 737
    Material : Alloy+ Nylon string    Pack : 1pc/ cover, 50pcs /carton    Carton size: 67*30*25
  • A15
    Material : Fiber head +Nylon  Pack : 6pcs/tub , 100 tubs /carton
  • A10
    Material : Imported head +Nylon   Pack : 6pcs/tub , 100 tubs /carton
  • A360
    Nylon Shuttlecock Item No : A360Material : Imported head +Nylon Pack : 6pcs/tub , 100 tubs /carton Carton size : 75*38*51
  • A240
    Nylon Shuttlecock Item No : A240Material : Fiber head (Yellow) + Nylon Pack : 6pcs/tub , 100 tubs /carton Carton size : 75*38*51
  • A120
    Nylon ShuttlecockItem No : A120Material : Fiber head +Nylon Pack : 6pcs/tub , 100 tubs /carton Carton size : 75*38*51
03 - 25 2019

    Anhui Sawy Sport Goods Co.,Ltd  was established in Nov 2010, it is a high-tech enterprise with self -research and development , own intellectual property rights, own brand, production and marketing in one, it is also the 861 important project in Anhui Province.

    The company is located in Hexian economic development zone, Maanshan, Anhui, China .The land area is 60000 square meters. The registered fund is 20 million RMB, total investment is 80 million RMB ,it own 47 sets of automation equipment. International initiative “3in1”shuttlecock overturned the structure of two parts shuttlecocks for 200 years, reach the highest point of the innovation. Based on structure innovation, technical innovation, equipment innovation, brand marketing and team building , it becomes the only one shuttlecock enterprise with intelligent production in global world. There are 115 employee in the company, 15 R&D personnel and 93 workers.

    Till now , we hold more than 50 intellectual property rights, including 9 Chinese invention patents, 3 international PCT patents, 3 U.S. invention patents; one in South Korea, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Malaysia and Taiwan, China; more than 50 domestic utility model patents; four national design patents; 8 copyrights; all patents involving molds, materials, equipments, processing technology, etc., form patents protection pool. In the sports manufacturing industry, it took the lead in transforming from 'Made in China' to 'Created in China'.

    In order to build our intellectual property rights and brand, we position our brand by serialization, build our brand by “ Dmantis” named and Competition cooperation. 3in1 shuttlecock was special reported by CCTV 10 《I Love Innovation》and 《Amazing Shuttlecock》 program in 2013. In 2017, 3in1 shuttlecock was follow-up reported by CCTV 10《Tracing》program, and also was reported by 《Shuttlecock Newborn 》and Nanjing TV Life Channel 《Saving 365》 column and other media exclusive coverage.

    The company has signed strategic cooperation agreements with famous enterprises such as ' DoubleHappiness ', 'Kawasaki', ' Kasup ', ' Deli ', ' Star(Korea)', ' Flex ' and ' Kansa '.

    There are  “Dmantis “” Anyball” “Pro petrel “ “5 Crazy” initiative brand under the company, all the brand products are well sold all over the world. They are sold in the wholesale stores, sport goods stores, badminton Court , club , and also sold by the badminton trainer. In 2016, we opened “Internet+”model, “3in1”joined “Jingdong self-operate ”till end of May, 2017, “3 in 1”shuttlecock was sold well in the Taobao stores .The products also was exported to Korea, Japan, France, England, Indonesia , Philippine and Bangladesh and other factory.

    “3in1” “Dmantis” and “Pro petrel” shuttlecocks are sold as top one in Bangladesh market in the last 3 years .“Anyball” rackets , tennis and other sports products have also entered the Bangladesh market, becoming a well-known brand in Bangladesh. From 2010 till now , the company has already got many honors at home and aboard, becoming the outstanding in this industry.

    Anhui Sawy Sport Goods will continue to adhere to the  company slogan “pragmatic ,enterprising, innovation “, and strive to become a well-known enterprise in the world.





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  • 发布时间: 2019 - 11 - 08
    the 126th China Export And Import Fair - Autumn- Phase 3 Canton Fair  ended on 4th Nov.2019.SAWY Sports has showed our patent 3in1 to the customers at home and abroad, which proved once again the stability,durability,accurate drop point of our 3in1 shuttlecock.                          3in1 was made by cork+modified nylon stand +natural feather, it's more stable,more durable and more environmental for production. Utill now, 3in1 has gained more than 19 patents and 40 utility model patents, 11 patents in China,3 patents in America, Korea, Malaysia, Bangladesh,1 in Philiphine and Taiwan and 3 int'l invention patents.                   At Cantone Fair,...
  • 发布时间: 2019 - 10 - 24
    SAWY SPORTS, we hereby sincerely invite you to visit the  2019 Canton Fair           the 126th China Export And Import Fair-Autumn-Phase 3 Canton Fair                                                                                      Date: 31st Oct. - 4th Nov. 2019                       Adds: No.382, Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guanzhou,China                        ...
  • 发布时间: 2019 - 08 - 22
    SAWY SPORTS, we hereby sincerely invite you to visit the SPORT INDIA 2019                                                                             Date: 23rd -25th Sep.2019                     Adds:Pragati Maidan,New Delhi,India                                                                               Booth No. WD19       ...
  • 发布时间: 2019 - 08 - 16
    From August 21 to 25, 2019, the fourth Indonesian Sports goods Exhibition was held at Jakarta Convention and Exhibition Center, Indonesia(JCC). The world's first '3in1' shuttlecocks will also be on display in this exhibition. At that time, Mr. Dai Jianlin, inventor of '3in1' badminton, will be present at the exhibition in person, it will be a great pleasure to meet you and surprise waiting you at JCC - Indonesian Convention Exhibition.                                                                                                ...
  • 发布时间: 2019 - 03 - 20
    In January 2019, the Anhui Provincial Sports Bureau sent a good news:Anhui Sancai Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of “Anhui Provincial Provincial Sports Industry Demonstration Unit” by the Anhui Provincial Sports Bureau and one of the three evaluated enterprises in Maanshan City.Since its establishment, Anhui Sancai Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the concept of scientific and technological innovation, actively exploring the development path of enterprise transformation, and promoting the healthy and rapid development of the sports industry.In 2013, the company launched its own “three-stage” badminton, and actively participated in various sports events. It won many invention patents at home and abroad, and achieved remarkable results at home and a...
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